StatementgnosgnaS is the brainchild through an inspiration and madlove for architecture, art, fashion, photography, music, film and more( an endless modern manifestations ).Here I dreamt StatementgnosgnaS would one day emerge as of the giant online reference for the ever-changing world of Coolhunting.

On years to come this information bank is visioned to branch across the continents, where each will be represent by one head editor.From a one man show to a team, and by god will hopefully ending with a corporate organization.They will be coming from different background, specialty and job scope.Yet for hunting, fingers become hands despite differences and argument.

WordPress will be a platform site as I planned to go ‘.com’.The ideas for the content coming from a sheer interest, passion and love.If possible I would like to focus the content within Malaysia, as I expect to conquer Malaysian’s readers. It is hard to be original when millions has came before me, succeeded. Above all, critics and opinions will be a food and drink to me.

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia says the concept of “cool-hunting” evolved in the early 1990s and refers to a new breed of forecasters who spot trends and add their interpretation to developments in fashion and culture.

The story:

I’m a positive-blackhole, I magneted and channel all the positive energy into something that I dearly love. Like an ordinary teenagers whom grown up liking a high-end flashy commons, I once failed a few, ideas and crazy-thoughs fades.

Started taking English as serious matter at the age of later. Slowly catching up words to a phrase, games to writing, I even tried corner in philosophical-writing and phrasing-material. Big ‘lol’ upon joking myself.

I endure severe brain-exhaustion from time-consumed activities, browsing ‘architectural-art’, term which I called for cool things related to building and interior. Then where I found TheCoolhunter and in love with it.

People have this shallow ideas that ‘the point of working is to earn money and from salary onward we stop’. Or we being raise to live by what we passioned about. And doubt that somehow passion pays bill. Yes, I believe we came to realize of otherwise.

My direction is to conquer knowledge, be superbly knowledgeable. Taking risk, battles opposite stream, surprise people with solid prove. I’m currently pursuing my degree in marketing. Course of ‘whether I only like the ideas of cool jobs’ which hopefully making a correct decision.


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