Global : ‘The Phone’ by Justin Timberlake

The Phone is the new reality show which is a collaboration by Justin Timberlake (executive producer) and MTV. It is originated by the Dutch game show, the premise is that two cell phones will be hidden at different ends of a major city. The people who answer these phones are the potential contestants, and will hear their instructions via the phones. They’ll have five seconds to decide whether or not to play the game, which will require them to complete a mission together in order to win a cash prize.

The show bring the real life Bourne Identity on the street of Major U.S city. The only concern is, MTV have been overproduced most of their game shows and reality shows. This might be a big flop at first’s effort. The reason that it will run along the street with no MTV’s ‘neon lights’ and gimic-effects will draw no attention to expected audience. Critic have been stormed Justin with critics, saying that it is “perfectly awful, perfectly horrid, and perfectly insane.”


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